Who is Kava and what does she actually “do”? 

Hi, there! Thank you for your curiosity.

I am Kava.

In terms of my academic background: I have a BA in International Studies from Macalester College. During my time at Macalester, my research interests ranged from the neurological basis for empathy to hair politics in the Dominican Republic to my capstone research on the impact of the 2016 Rio Olympics on the host city’s socio-spatial dynamics. Outside of the classroom, I was quite active on and off campus in communities such as Macalester’s Poetry Slam Team to the Minnesota Historical Society.

In addition to conducting research on how women are personally and politically empowered by their participation in skateboarding communities, I am also involved in different communities of artists and activists all around the USA and the world. Whether I am participating in grassroots movements such Black Lives Matter or developing life skills curriculum for female participants of skateboarding nonprofits such as Indigo Youth Movement, I strive to embody my philosophy, make positive contributions, and share my light everywhere I go.

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