Doyenne Skateboards

doyenne (n, singular): the oldest, most experienced, and often most respected person* of all the people involved in a particular type of work

In June 2018, I had the honour of meeting the Doyenne Skateboards at the inaugural Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in London, England.

Doyenne Skateboards is an ungendered skateboarding brand entirely made by women. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Doyenne is dedicated to promoting a positive paradigm shift within and outside of the skateboarding industry through their unique brand activism:  designing ungendered clothes and accessories for everyone.

Doyenne expressly supports the inclusion and participation of women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, POC, and people with disabilities. Doyenne’s aim is to create a bigger space for them within subcultures but especially in skateboarding.

Part of the profit of everything Doyenne sells goes to different organisations that help women and disadvantaged youth through skateboarding, education and other types of support.

I was one of the lucky individuals who got to model Doyenne’s summer 2018 collection. This was my first time modelling and first time participating in brand activism. The profits from Doyenne’s summer 2018 sales will be donated to Skatepal, a non-profit organisation that works with communities throughout Palestine to enhance the lives of young people and promote the benefits of skateboarding. Through teaching skate classes, building skateparks and providing equipment, Skatepal’s volunteers are enabling an ever-growing number of Palestinian skaters to empower themselves and inspire the next generation of Palestine youth.

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